Adopt a jaguar

  • Adopt one of the jaguars detected by Las Oncas
  • Get notified each time your jaguar is detected
  • Get access to the video footages of your jaguar in your private space

Adopt a jaguar

per month
or pay $215 yearly and get a 6% discount
  • Follow your jaguar through space and time
  • Get notified everytime your jaguar is detected
  • Watch the video of the detections on your personal space
  • Support jaguar conservation in Costa Rica
  • Become a member of Las Oncas' community and be invited to our online meetings to get a sneak peak into the activities of Las Oncas
  • Get updated on Las Oncas' actions through our newsletter
Adopt a jaguar now!


Which jaguars can be adopted?

You can adopt every jaguar that has ever been detected by Las Oncas. You can choose your jaguar here.

How often will I have news from my jaguar?

Nature is unpredictable, for this reason we cannot predict how often a particular jaguar will be detected. However, to maximize your chances to get detections you can choose a jaguar that has ben detected less that 2 years ago 😉.

How can I access the videos of my jaguar?

Nothing more easy! You will access the footages of your jaguar on your personal space on

Can I name a jaguar that does not have a name yet?

Yes! If you want to name a Jaguar, you need to be part of the camera trap sponsorship program and sponsor more than 2 cameras. If a new unnamed jaguar appears in one of your cameras you will get the opportunity to choose the name of the individual. You can find more information about camera traps sponsorship here.

Can I adopt more than one jaguar?

Of course, if you wish to adopt more than one jaguar please get in touch with us through this form.

Can a jaguar have several adopters?

Yes you can adopt a jaguar that has already been adopted by someone else, more adopters means more funds for jaguar conservation.

Can I change jaguar once I have adopted one?

Sure! If you change your mind and wish to adopt another individual you can reach out to us through this form and let us know which jaguar you would like to adopt instead of your current jaguar. You can change jaguar once year.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Sure! If you no longer want to follow your jaguar you can reach out to us through this form and we will cancel or pause your subscription.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

If you live in Costa Rica, or France, your contribution qualifies for tax deduction as per your country's legislation.